Twin Pregnancy

I cared for a patient recently that presented to the ED with abdominal pain, spotting, nausea, and recent positive pregnancy test.  She came alone, accompanied by her boss from work.  She had safety glasses on top of her head like sunglasses, so I am guessing that she works in some type of manufacturing.  I helped get her settled into the thin, green, patterned hospital gown.  I think that there were 1 or 2 snaps that were broken, but the sleeves stayed together.  After taking her vital signs, I started an IV and drew the standard rainbow of blood work that we do for nearly every patient.  Some of our physicians like to add-on lab tests and this way, the various common tubes are already on hand and no additional pokes are necessary.

After a bit of explanation about why we needed to use a catheter to obtain a urine specimen, I got her all set up for the brief procedure.  Here we are, nearly spread eagle, and the MD comes in.  I hurriedly cover her lower half so that the door can open without exposing her bits to the world.  The MD performed his physical exam and then I assisted with her pelvic exam.  She didn’t know how far along she was because she had been on birth control and hasn’t had a period since stopping.  She also hasn’t seen an OB yet as she just found out via a home pregnancy test.  She has a couple of young children (<5) already.

Long story short, the ultrasound revealed that she is 7 weeks & 5 days pregnant with TWINS and the spotting is from a little bit of ongoing implantation bleeding.  When I heard this, I was literally in shock!  It was as if I was being told that I’m having twins!  I don’t know why I reacted this way – blame it on the Clomid if you will – but I honestly sat there for a moment with my mouth open, speechless.  The nurse walked over by me and I turned to her with a confused, wide-eyed expression on my face.  I shared the finding and felt excitement building up from the pit of my stomach.  My next thoughts weren’t as positive though.  Can she afford it?  Is she happy about the news or not?  What if her boyfriend/baby daddy isn’t the father of these two?  What is her home-life like?  Will they end up in foster care?  There were little hints about her that led me to believe that she was struggling in the working class/working poor.  I will admit that some of the questions that arose in my mind were based on stereotypes, but hey – I’m being honest here.

About 15 minutes later, the nurse that cared for her walked by and I asked her how the news went over.  The nurse said that the patient knew about the twins after the ultrasound as she was able to see both of the gestational sacs on the screen.  Thankfully, the nurse also said that the patient seemed happy about the news.  Happy, but not overjoyed as she has two very young children at home and now this news.

Well, I’m currently on cycle day 8 of my third Clomid cycle and I just have a feeling that this may be the cycle where I get a BFP at the end.  If it ended up being twins, I would be over the moon!  I have a good feeling about this one, but I also don’t want to set myself up for disappointment.  It’s a very fine line to tip-toe, as many of you know.  I do believe in the power of positive thinking, but I also think that things happen when you least expect.  Have I ever mentioned that I’m tend to do a lot of “sitting on the fence?”

Last Wednesday, I decided that I was sick of waiting and doing nothing.  So I decided that I was going to do something to work towards my future – I painted the office aka nursery.  We will be parents someday, one way or another, so…why not?  Besides, we have owned this house for over 2 years and haven’t painted the dingy white walls of this room yet. 20140807_031342_resized_1 I already had a gallon of Buckwheat Flour which is a light neutral tan color that runs through the majority of our living room and hallway.  I planned on painting the nursery this color, as we have no idea what is in the plans for our family.  But, last-minute, I saw Mystical Sea when I was at Home Depot and decided to do an accent wall where the crib will go.  It is a slightly warm shade of light green.  This way we my MIL and I can accessorize with either grey, yellow, or pink.  While painting, I also decided that I would assemble the dresser/diaper changing table because:

  1.  It will look nice.
  2. I can then empty the closet of my stashed baby items.
  3. Why not?

I stayed up until 3am assembling the previously flat-packed dresser.  It took me 4 hours including clean up.  I will admit, however, that I did a fine job assembling.  I even used wood glue on the pegs and slots just so that it would hold together *that much* better.  Needless to say, I was tired at work the next day even though I didn’t have to work until 11am.  Well, I now have trim work to do this week so I can finish this little project.  Sunday, I decided that if I’m going to be doing the trim work around the ceiling, I might as well paint the ceiling so I only have to do it once.  Painting the ceiling also involved removing the drum shaded, ceiling light fixture.  As of right now, that still needs to go back up.  Hopefully there will be some ambient light when I get home tonight so I can see what I’m doing.  I think I will wait on assembling the crib until I actually get pregnant.  Or until we file our paperwork for fostering.

Hubby was gone while I did all of this, so at first, he was confused about why I did it even though I’m not pregnant yet.  After I explained how I felt like I had no control over anything and I how needed to do something, he understood.  He likes the color and was laughing at me as I fluttered around on my mission to paint the ceiling.  20140807_223039_resized_1Oh, and I also made a FIRE ESCAPE PLAN for the house as that is one of the requirements to foster.

So, here we go round 3!!  I decided that I’m going to use Mucinex (guaifenesin) and 81mg Aspirin.  I figure that these can’t really harm, but could help.  Baby aspirin has been proven to increase the pregnancy rate and improve the endometrial pattern vs placebo.  Mucinex can also thin my cervical secretions to improve the sperm highway into my uterus.  I’m excited and definitely feel good about this cycle!  So far, hot flash mania!  I’ve been sweating almost all the time.  I’ve cried once and I still have one day left of Clomid.  Come on baby dust!!!!!!



7 thoughts on “Twin Pregnancy

  1. Some times it is hard hearing about others pregnancy situations. I find myself doing the same thing, until I realize what I am doing. Then I feel horrible. Good luck this month.

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