Bubble Broken

1793982gI talked briefly with hubs about IUI and how he would feel about possibly doing it tomorrow. He isn’t sure if he would want to do IUI. He feels like it’s artificial, against nature. I didn’t know that he felt this way about IUI, but I knew that he felt like this about in-vitro. I love him greatly and his thoughts and feelings matter. I want to respect his wishes, so he is getting the night to think about it and we will talk more tomorrow. These are big decisions and if we can figure out our thoughts and feelings, we can make plans and move on. Have you all encountered similar thoughts or opinions about IUI/In-vitro?


3 thoughts on “Bubble Broken

  1. My husband was the same way at first, it just took him longer to come around. My 2 cents would be to drop it for now, it’s not realistic to think he’ll change his mind by tomorrow, but hopefully he’ll come around by next cycle!

  2. My husband felt the same way about IVF before we did it by never old me until afterwards. I wish he had spoken up earlier or else I wouldn’t have done IVF and then experienced the heartache of a miscarriage. I honestly believe that both people need to be on the same page or else resentment can happen.

  3. I haven’t experienced this, my husband is in the camp that God gives us the tools we need, in all forms, and that all life is started in His heart- no matter how it comes to be in our arms. But I agree 100% that it’s important you are on the same page, especially for big, huge decisions like this. Maybe it means no IUI this cycle- but it will bring you both together in a united front on your journey from here on out!! I hope this conversation is one of love and trust and helps you both find a path you are comfortable with!

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