Fear vs Excitement

Yesterday I felt scared….nervous.  Today, that changed and I have an excitement building in my stomach making me feel both happy and a bit queasy.  What changed?  fear-excitementI peed on my ovulation kit stick today and got a flashing smiley face.  Tomorrow is my RE appointment.  The 5 page (front & back) questionnaire about both of our medical histories also includes an exam form on the last page.  On this exam page, there are check boxes that seem to involve a pelvic exam and possibly, an ultrasound.  So, since I’m due to ovulate in the next day or two…I’m going to be in an RE office…I’m on Clomid…my husband is going to be with me……..WHY NOT just do an IUI while the Dr. Davis is “down there”?  Besides, we have a mild problem with sperm motility…and from my internet research, this significantly increases chance of fertilization as the wash helps gather the most motile ones for transfer.  I’ve had a good feeling about this month, and maybe this is part of it.  Maybe the month of waiting for this new patient appointment, the timing of my cycle, the supplements I’ve been taking, have all been preparing me for success….THIS MONTH.

They say that the difference between fear and excitement is your attitude.  I just had an attitude change.


And I can’t stop smiling.


6 thoughts on “Fear vs Excitement

  1. Ohhhhh I would call them and see if you can sneak hubby in a little earlier than you! My RE requires 2 hours between hubs appointment and mine so they can wash and assess his troops (some require less time though, so call and check!)

    Fingers crossed for you!! 🙂

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