Today at work, I was caught very much off guard.  I was sitting at the ED greeter desk where patients come to register and 23 year old young woman that was just discharged came to ask me some questions.  After helping her locate her work note, reminding her that take home information was with her discharge instructions, and giving her a pen to use, she told me that she had one last question.  She asked me if I had anything specific that I would like her to pray about for me.

She didn’t skip a beat.  Her voice didn’t change.  She didn’t snicker.  She was serious.

I’m sure that I paused and looked momentarily both stunned and confused.  I have my own spiritual beliefs although I was raised as a Christian.  In my adult life, I have done a lot of questioning, soul searching, learning, and thinking about religion and the spiritual world and have accepted and rejected bits and pieces.  For me and many others (I’m sure), the rationalization and reconsideration of religious/spiritual beliefs is constantly in flux.  One fundamental point that I’ve accepted is that I do believe in a higher power.  The evolution of humans did not happen 100% by chance.  There is an innate value in human life that is unique in the animal world (maybe because we are human?).  I believe in karma.  I believe in being kind to others, loving one another, finding the beauty in everyone & everything.  I believe in laughter, in charity, I believe in hope.  I feel a spiritual connection to the earth, the water, and the wind.  The point is that I haven’t believed in the power of prayer and I still don’t know where I stand about it.  Granted, it definitely can not hurt…but can it help?  I view prayer as being similar to “The Secret” where you focus your energy and thoughts on what you want (for yourself or others) and it comes back to find you (or them).

Is there anything specific that I would like her to pray about for me?

A baby.  An end to my infertility.

With a smile, I told her that there wasn’t anything specific, if she could just pray for me in general.  After she walked to sit by the window, I wondered if she had any sense of me.  Any 6th sense that is.  Does she know what I’m thinking?  Is there something that she inferred about me that led her to ask that question?  I spoke to her in my mind.  “If you can hear me, please pray for a baby.”

In 12 years of healthcare, I have never been asked something like this.  In my 31.5 years on this earth, I have not had anyone ask this specific question.  Yes, I have had people say that they will pray for me, but nothing like this.

While she waited patiently in the waiting room for a ride home, I noticed her interactions with others.  She easily struck up conversation and was genuine.  She wished others to feel better.  She didn’t complain about her own situation at all, just spoke naturally and openly about it.  And a big thing that I find myself guilty of not doing…she borrowed the pen and actually returned it.

Honestly, it made the rest of my day.

I was kinder, nicer, more pleasant to others.  I smiled bigger.  I hugged my husband more when I got home.  I snuggled my pups closer.

Maybe that is all part of the power of prayer.




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